Bluefalo pet food is now one of the most technologically advanced and best equipped pet food manufacturers in the world.

Our equipment allows us to incorporate high levels of fresh meat into food to produce. The improved palatable and taste of our pet foods are further enhanced by adding the coater like fat, oil and palatants throughout the pet foods.




Bluefalo has every type of pallets you may require. Our pet foods are stacked up properly in the warehouse. Our warehouse is allowed for a flexible supply chain. We have wide range of space to store finished goods and raw materials.

We have a proficient team in Thailand for providing the best logistics service to our customers. This team helps our clients to ensure the perfect delivery of their products. The products can be shipped to any destination all over the world.



Currently, We are exporting over 15 countries about 7,000 tons per year. We offer every pallet for your requirements and providing effective supply chain management to our customers